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About Us

What is DesiOPT ?
DesiOPT.com is an innovative jobsite, operates under the company Santhusaan LLC ("Company", "DesiOPT", 'DesiOPT.com", "Site", "Our") based in NC, USA. This Company owns the registered Trade Mark/Service Mark "DesiOPT" .

DesiOPT.com provides an online employment portal that connects the students to potential employers. Students can register with the DesiOPT portal and have access to Optional Practical Training(OPT), Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Internship Jobs, H-1B Jobs and other types of Jobs. DesiOPT.com is not a Consulting Company nor a Training Institute nor a H1B Sponsor. DesiOPT is not affiliated with any other company. Also, the use of word “Desi” in DesiOPT is purely arbitrary and is not intended to limit the participation to the people of south asian origin. DesiOPT.com is open to people of all national origins.

Why DesiOPT?

DesiOPT was founded by a group of college alumni who found that searching for the OPT, CPT, and H-1B jobs they needed in order to preserve their visas was time-consuming and inefficient. Together, they created the DesiOPT job portal which allows registered users to post resumes or job opportunities and then grants access to the corresponding search for job or resume postings. Because DesiOPT was developed by people who have gone through the experience of the OPT/CPT/Other job search, the website is intuitively tailored to meet the needs of students with F-1 visas and others. DesiOPT functions as a one-stop source because it offers much more than just job listings. Students have access to a variety of free resources including below that will prove helpful in planning their careers.

1) Resume Blast- With 90 day OPT Unemployment Rule, You can quickly reach Corporate & Consulting Companies. Also helpful for CPT, H1B and other types of visas and citizens
2) Career Guidance from Alumni
3) Immigration Advice from Attorneys
4) Career Articles

What is DesiOPT Privacy Policy?

Your privacy is very important to us, you can refer DesiOPT.com privacy policy here

How to contact DesiOPT.com?

You can contact DesiOPT.com team from contact us page