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Frequently Asked Questions

Job Seeker FAQs (Scroll Down for Employer FAQs)

1)  How do I sign up as Job Seeker?
            You can sign up here. Also if you an existing job seeker and unable to login you can reset your password.

2)  How can I remove/inactive my profile?
            Login into your account and go to 'Resume' Tab--> Click Edit Resume-->Set my resume to Suspended and hit OK button, this will ensure that no employer can access your information, this is equivalent to deleting your resume. In future, if you decide to look for another job, you can login again and reactive your profile. However, If you want your profile completely removed, you can email us with your phone number, reason for removal and user id. After verification call, we will remove your profile within 24-48 hours. After your profile is inactivated, you may still receive responses from employers who might have saved your resume earlier, wait for few weeks or you can let the employer know that you are not available.

3) How can I keep my contact information confidential and release my contact information only to interested employers?
            Login into your account and go to  'Resume' Tab--> Click Edit Resume-->check Keep my identifiable details anonymous on this website --> Hit Save button. Your contact details will not be shown to any employer, unless they request it and you give them your permission. Below is the sequence of steps for an employer and job seeker to connect with each other
            a) You login and check anonymous box on your resume profile
            b) Employers who are interested in your profile will Request to view your contact information
            c) You will receive an email to Release your contact information to prospective employer, if you approve the Request, employer will be able to see your contact details. If you deny the Request, employer will not be able to see your contact details. Also you can login and check who requested your contact details and approve the request directly.
            d) Please add our email support[@at] to your address book to avoid emails going to your spam folder

            Also, if you are considered about your privacy - We suggest to create a new email ID for your job search process and also sign up at Google Voice for a new free phone number dedicated to job search.

4) Sometimes I don't get emails from, what should I do?
            Please add our email support[@at] to your address book, sometimes emails end up in spam folder

5) Can you provide placement at or help me find a Job?
   is a job site, We don't sponsor H-1B or provide direct employment or training, read more at About Us page . Please sign up as job seeker and apply for jobs

6) I have a Immigration Related Question, Where can I get FREE advice?
            You can directly contact Attorney who can provide free immigration advice. Please note that is not affliated with any law firm and we are not responsible for any consequence due to attorney advice.

Employer FAQ

a) How do I sign up as Employer?
            You can sign up for new employer account here
b) I can't login to my employer account, how can I reset my password?
            First make sure you are logging in as employer not job seeker, you can login as employer here, if you are still unable to login you can reset your password here . If you still have issues please email the URL (link), user name and password you are trying to use.



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